Gesture controlled self-balancing MiP robot toy

MiP robot by WowWee

Robotics has taking huge leaps from what it was nearly 2 decades ago. Fresh example of intelligent robotic systems that will be a part of our life couple of decades from now is this MiP robot by toymaker WowWee in association with UCSD (University of California at San Diego). MiP which is a short form of Mobile Inverted Pendulum is a robotic machine that is controlled by hand gestures or through Bluetooth connectivity on any smartphone or tablet. MiP robot self-balances itself and has its own personality when it comes to interaction with random human beings.

MiP robot by WowWee

The robot comes with a tray accessory that can be attached or detached anytime you want. Along with that the robot has capability to balance multiple objects and also another MiP robot while moving. The price tag of $99.99 might surprise you a little, but yes, you can get it for that cheap amount come May 2014 which is the release date of this cute little robot and can be bought from Best Buy.


WowWee MiP robot has been unveiled at CES 2014, Las Vegas at the Venetian ballroom booth #7115 and Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) booth #6323 at the Venetian ballroom booth #7115 and Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) booth #6323. Apparently WowWee MiP also wow a place in the top finalists at Last Gadget Standing.

# According to WowWee USA president Peter Yanofsky

The partnership between WowWee and UC San Diego is going to yield some amazing and dynamic product in the years to come. We are very excited to be on the cutting edge of this ideation and execution, beginning with the amazing MiP!

# Professor Thomas Bewley, director of the Coordinated Robotics Lab at UC San Diego

The balanced partnership between our innovative academic team at UCSD and the creative product development team at WowWee is fun, synergetic, and unstoppable!



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