CES 2014: iFit launches the Active Band for fitness tracking on the go

iFit's Active Band

When it comes to modern day trend of ‘digital health’, the fitness trackers come dime a dozen. And, now iFit joins in the fitness party with their iFit Active band, which will be showcased in this year’s CES. Touted as the first ever technology that takes the collective approach of combining your fitness activities at both home and gym, the scope is all about a personalized workout session. In this regard, the iFit range already comprises of internet connected equipment and dedicated mobile apps. And, now the ambit will be further improved with the Active Band wearable device.

So what does the Active Band entail? Well, the mobile device can schedule your daily sleeping, working out and waking up actions, while it records all the data pertaining to such actions. This data includes – activities undertaken, distance covered, steps taken, calories burned and sleep patterns. All of these inputs are sent to a dedicated Active app (for both Android and iOS) via Bluetooth 4.0, which allows you to access the info from your smartphone. Interestingly, one can also opt for a single user log in at iFit.com for accessing the collected data.

Lastly in terms of form factor, the Active Band can be used a watch, clip or even a small pod in your pocket. The tracker’s strap is adjustable, which makes it easier for your to ‘manage’ the form. The band will also be available in a variety of customized colors, and will commercial ship from spring of this year with a retail price of $129.

iFit's Active Band


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