CES 2014: Azustar’s SOLObeats Bluetooth speaker comes with cheap $69 price tag

Azustar SOLObeats speaker

In the contemporary state of affairs, some of us have lifestyles that tend to be perpetually ‘on the go’. So naturally, the electronic accessories that accompany us should also stick to the advantage of flexibility. The above pictured SOLObeats speaker from Azustar upholds such credentials, with its spatial efficiency and mobility. Touted as an ultra portable, high audio quality wireless speaker, the bantam contrivance will have Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from devices with AVCRP and A2DP support (for remote controlling). As for its debut, the SOLObeats will be ceremoniously introduced in CES 2014.

In terms of core features, the SOLObeats will have the capacity to wirelessly play music for 10 straight hours from any Bluetooth-enabled device. This is complemented by 20 hours of hands-free conference calls, which are improved with the mitigation of both noise and echo. One can also check the battery status with its indicator in Apple devices.

As for the audio credentials of the SOLObeats, the contraption can emanate high quality sound bass, in spite of its small form factor. This is bolstered by the built-in DSP technology that shields from unwanted sound levels, thus resulting in a clear and crisp audio when remotely streamed from other devices.

However for us, the best feature of the SOLObeats is arguably its cheap cost factor. The bantam Bluetooth speaker will retail with only $69 price tag, while the device will make its public debut in LHV ILouge Pavilion Booth #60014, at this year’s CES.

Via: Azustar


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