CES 2014: Fitness and lifestyle Sony SmartBand lets you see your life as you live it


Wearable devices seem to have found their way back this year at the on-going CES 2014. Newest to impress us here is the Sony SmartBand – a wristband that interacts with your smartphone or tablet and lets you log your life from the time you wake up to the end of the day. Along with monitoring your day, the SmartBand also helps you plan your days ahead. The waterproof wristband keeps track of everything from your daily physical activity to the sleeping pattern at night. It also keeps track of the calories you’ve burned during the day, how much you have walked, cycled or driven and/or how much you have socialized with friends.


The sensor-laden Sony SmartBand, on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, connects wirelessly to an Android smartphone or tablet using a Lifelog app. The app not only allows users to record physical, social and entertainment activities it also lets users see how active they were, where they went, what pictures they took and how they have been communicating with your world. Sony SmartBand vibrates to inform wearers about an incoming call on their smartphone. The wristband can also be used as media control to play, pause or skip tracks while listening to music.

Sony SmartBand

Sony informs that their SmartBand features a removable core, which allows it to be worn in other ways than with the wristband. The Sony SmartBand will be available in spring this year for about $70.




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