CES 2014: Forget Segway as InMotion R1EX impresses personal mobility lovers

InMotion R1EX Personal mobility vehicle

Giving some ray of hope to Segway lovers the InMotion R1EX SCV (Sensor Controlled Vehicle) is the smallest and lightest Deft Sensor Vehicle which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The USP of this personal mobility vehicle is its ability to be controlled via a mobile app and an electronic SmartKey with the added benefit of being ultra-portable when you want to take it an automobile trunk. On display at the on-going CES 2014 International electronics show, the personal mobility vehicle InMotion R1EX has key features like voice controlled operation, magnesium alloy turning shaft for a lighter steering experience, sensitive footboard for precision maneuverability, ergonomic handlebar, vacuum tires and advanced battery management credentials.

The compact little single rider vehicle is capable of topping speed of 9 miles per hour and quick responsive handling means that you can ride it in crowded places with utmost ease. The total weigh of InMotion R1EX is 35 pounds and on one battery charge of 3.5 hours it can go 18 miles without much hassles.

Unlike many other personal mobility vehicles that we have seen thus far, InMotion is in a league of its own with a sleeker design and battery that takes you places without needing a recharge.

The fact that it can be operated from your mobile phone or via SmartKey means that you can remotely operate it for parking in spaces without getting out of the comfort of your restaurant seat or example.

InMotion R1EX Personal mobility vehicle

InMotion R1EX Personal mobility vehicle

InMotion R1EX Personal mobility vehicle



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