CES 2014: SD card sized Intel Edison computer makes wearable technology more practical

Intel Edison processor for wearable gadgets

Seeing the future of wearable technology to take the tech world by the storm, Intel has created the world’s smallest computer dubbed as Edison which is based on x86 architecture and uses 22-nanometer process. No bigger than an average SD card, this revolutionary computer is designed specifically to pair up with wearable gadgets that demand more computing power for beefing up the functionality. Although the computer has Intel’s low-power Quark processor but it is still powerful enough to provide wearable gadgets with functionality that could not be achieve with Arduino chips.

The processor comes with Liinux OS, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to communicate with devices and wants to extend the vision of wearable gadgets beyond smartwatches, wearable glasses and health monitors. The fact that this processor chip is small means that it can be integrated into the device design itself.

Intel Edison processor for wearable gadgets

The problem with current wearable devices is that they need a separate device that houses the processing chip as it is very big compared to the wearable device itself. So Intel Edison will solve that problem in a great way as it is the size of a regular SD card.

To showcase the application of this small little computer, Intel at CES 2014 demonstrated it with a baby monitoring device that has a plethora of features including the capability to switch on the bottle warmer as soon as baby starts to stir the bottle.

Intel Edison chip will be available in June or July 2014 to DIYers and maker community which is great news as Arduinos will now have some stiff competition to stay in the wearable gadget market.

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