CES 2014: Smartwatch + Health tracker = Razer Nabu

Razer Nabu wristband

Such is the excitement of gadget freaks for smartwatches and wearable technology that every company out there is considering adding smartwatch and health monitoring devices to their line-up. Razer Nabu revealed at CES 2014 clearly shows the influence of wearable technology in today’s gizmo world. A mix of smartwatch and health tracking device the wearable wristband features fitness product features and smartphone notifications. All the notifications icons are displayed on a small 32 pixel square screen and data such as text messages, emails etc. are displayed on a 128×32 screen panel. Both these screens are on opposite sides to each other, making one of them invisible when the other is being viewed, perhaps a privacy feature that users will like.

Razer Nabu wristband

The wristband is capable of tracking user’s location, altitude, sleep data and other health monitoring data. The fact that Razer Nabu wristband is compatible with both iOS and Android all ogees well for app developers who might want to develop apps for the device. Since Nabu is built on an open development platform therefore developers have the freedom to create augmented reality games for band to band communication for determining proximity of other Nabu wearers.

Razer Nabu is going to survive 7-10 days on single charge and Bluetooth 4.0 LowEnergy connectivity will preserve the battery life a notch further. Thewaterproof wristband is loaded with sensors like accelerometer, altimeter and vibration motor for health tracking and fitness monitoring.

Razer Nabu wristband

Razer Nabu will be available to developers for the price of $49 and the first quarter of 2014 is the release date set for this wearable wristband for an expected price of under $100.

Razer Nabu wristband

Via: IGN



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