CES 2014: Razer Project Christine modular gaming PC is invincible

Razer Project Christine CES 2014

Razer being a frontrunner in making leading gaming and PC equipment has taken the onus of giving the world its first ever modular gaming system that is customizable beyond belief. At 2014 CES Razer has revealed Project Christine prototype which is a modular gaming computer that even an average Joe can customize on will at any given time courtesy the PCI-Express architecture, meaning that you wouldn’t have to buy a new computer in case your CPU configuration degrades with time. More like a slot of hardware fitting console, Christine will have separate sections for slotting in new hard disks, RAM, CPU GPU or other hardware. Each of these wire free modules will have liquid cooling and noise cancellation so you can expect it to be super quiet and cool even while playing the most graphics intensive games.

The PC can run multiple operating systems without any hitch and due to its ability to automatically sync components it is as good as plug and play. Meaning that if you feel like upgrading your GPU then just go and get a compatible graphics card and plug it into the slot, and there you have an upgraded system in minutes.
The PC is going to have a display panel that shows all the vital components of performance and independent performance of all the hardware installed. There is no word yet on the pricing or availability of Christine PC and we can expect the name to change to something else since it is in prototype stage right now.



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