CES 2014: Audi introduces laserlight headlights that are twice more effective

Audi Quattro laserlight

Concerned about how automobile drivers see the road ahead in the night time Audi has plans to install laser light aided headlights in their future vehicles. Showcasing this new technology at CES 2014 on the Audi Sport Quattro concept car called Audi Quattro laserlight, the headlights are embedded with LED lights for low beam and Laser lights for high beams. The fact that laser beam is twice as clear (500 meter range) when compared to LED light making it safe for driving in murky weather conditions. And as an added incentive the laser lights do look good and are perfect for classy sport cars and coupes. But on the downside the laser beam lights are costly and have sensitivity towards heat making them an unpractical proposition for mid-range cars.

Audi will have to find a way to keep the heat down of these laser lights and if they do manage to keep costs down in mass production these new kind of headlights could be installed in majority of automobiles out there.
One other downside that these lights could have is the way people drive. Some people do have tendency to keep their beam at high position at all times which could be dangerous for drivers coming from the opposite side.

In the past too Audi has shown interest in these kind of lights as they showed-off their A2 concept car with rear fog lights powered by laser diodes. And it is no surprise as BMW has also announced interest in high beam laser light which they plan to introduce in their i8 plug-in hybrid coupe.

Audi Quattro laserlight

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