CES 2014: Sphero 2B robot is rolling mass of intelligence

Sphero 2B robot

There are robots that fulfil certain particular desire or complete tasks that are unachievable for humans. And then there is this Sphero 2B robot that satisfies your gut for speed. Too Fast but not that furious, the robot is fully customizable for any kind of rolling mania as it, the tubular design robot can perform jumps and tricks. With customizable tires, hubcaps and accessories the robot can conquer any terrain with ease as it goes down tumbling like a piece of mass at top speed of 14 miles per hour. The robot has battery reserve of one hour which is good for some unstoppable fun on weekends. And what’s more? The robot is totally programmable for new kind of games, functions and tasks that one can think of. Compatible with iOS and Android platform, the Sphero 2B robot can be controlled from a range of 30 feet in any direction.

Sphero 2B robot

Sphero 2B robot is made from polycarbonate material and comes in two color options, black and white with added wheels and accessories for traversing different kind of surfaces. The built-in infrared technology makes sure that you are connected to other blokes having 2B robot for multi-player gaming mania. Sphero 2B robot has been launched at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The rolling robot will carry a price tag of $99 and will be available for purchase in Fall 2014.



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