CES 2014: iPhone 5/5s Mophie Space is a battery and storage reserve in protective casing

Mophie Space Pack iphone  5 and 5s CES 2014

As an iPhone 5/5s owner you always crave for more storage space on your phone and if you happen to be one who likes to take lot of pictures, download videos and music then nothing is enough for you. And it can get a bit tricky at times when you have to delete certain files to accommodate more space for storage. That is why Mophie created the Space Pack that doubles as a battery case, storage hub and protection for your iPhone 5/5s. Mophie Space Pack, the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for iPhone was shown-off at CES 2014 in two models, 16GB and 32GB. The iPhone case is a thoughtful charging solution that provides you with added backup storage space if you do happen to max out your iPhone 5/5s storage space. So, in a way it is a reservoir of storage space apart from the maximum storage space in the phone.

Using the bundled Space Pack app the user can directly play music, videos and easily manage all other files. Mophie Space Pack has integrated AirDrop and AirPlay compatibility so that you can send documents, photos, movies to other iOS devices or send to compatible Airplay devices. The app automatically organizes all the files into collections that are sorted by file type. Apart from all this the Space Pack charges the iPhone and sync data from the computer and provides premium protection to your smartphone in a sleek form factor.

Mophie Space Pack will be shipping in March 2014 can be pre-ordered for $149.95 (for 16GB model) and $179.95 (for 32GB model) from their website.


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