CES 2014: Ultra-low power AMD Nano PC measures as small as a smartphone


Mini PCs haven’t been a frequent site at CES 2014, nonetheless it has not been a deterrent for AMD which very merrily displayed their next generation ultra-low power Mullins APU powered HTPC. The miniscule wonder is basically a prototype Nano PC designed to sit atop a television set, but shouldn’t be mistaken for a set top box. The AMD Nano PC is stuffed in with a Mullins low-voltage APU (features unknown) along with a 256GB SSD, a camera and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and DockPort for connectivity (DockPort combines USB 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 on single cable to allow users to control up to four monitors, along with input and output peripherals).

AMD Nano PCs

Measuring as thin as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the AMD Nano PC is powerful enough to run Windows 8.1 or even play FIFA 14 in full HD seamlessly. The tiny computer comes with HDMI and USB ports, which mean you can connect the little thing to a TV. There is no word on whether AMD Nano PC will actually make it to the retail stores, but we hope some manufacturer takes a leaf and comes up with a computer that’s somewhere close to this in size and application.

Via: Engadget



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