CES 2014: Sinister gamepad will electrify gamers with haptic technology

Sinister PC Gaming Device by Tivitas Interactive at CES 2014

Last month, we talked about the GVX console for extreme reality gaming. And, now the realm of CES 2014 has brought forth another gaming device for the ultimate ‘realistic’ experience. Tivitas Interactive has introduced their Sinister gaming device prototype that boasts of haptic features with its integrated ViviTouch technology. Originally conceived for audio immersion, the ViviTouch alludes to the ‘feel’ of the multimedia experience, created by the engrossing and interactive HD sound effects. This impeccable scope of sound perception covers a simultaneous (and precise) ambit of audio, ranging from conspicuous effects like rumbles of gunfire to smaller details like splashing of water. The Sinister gaming device with its ‘artificial muscles’ takes advantage of this immaculate sound system to give us the optimized dose of realistic environment when gaming.

As for the other features of the Sinister, the gaming gizmo will also have plug-and-play support (for both Windows and Linux operating systems), ergonomic design and analog motional attributes. Now, if a veteran PC gamer is intimidated by all the seemingly highfalutin stuff, he/she shouldn’t be too much worried. The company touts the game pad to have the familiar precision of a mouse.

Of course, having the technology is not enough; the game developers will also need to jump on the bandwagon to create games and program codes for the advanced scope. So hopefully, we might be looking at a SDK (just like the GVX console) for ViviTouch-oriented controllers. And, finally as for pricing, Tivitas Interactive has still not divulged any figure for the Sinister.

Sinister PC Gaming Device by Tivitas Interactive at CES 2014


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