CES 2014: LaCie Culbuto Flash Drive springs back up when knocked down


Are you sick of misplacing your USB drives on a messy desk? LaCie may have just revealed an answer to your woes at CES 2014. Designed by French designer Constance Guisset, the LaCie USB flash drive is dubbed the Culbuto (French for a toy with weighted base that keeps vertical even when knocked down). LaCie Culbuto flash drive features a hefty solid spherical metal base which keeps the USB drive upright when not in use. When not connected to a computer, the LaCie Culbuto flash drive bobs side to side on being pocked, so it never topples over and you never lose it.


Innovative features of the LaCie Culbuto flash drive do not stop at this, the drive has a cap with a slit to hold photographs or business cards. When removed, the cap reveals a USB 3.0 port. Available in 16GB or 32GB capacities, the flash drive will retail for $50. The price is considerably higher but its fine for a drive you know you will never misplace.

Via: LaCie



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