CES 2014: Hand gesture controlled iRing Music Maker for iOS devices

iRing Music Maker CES 2014

Going in with the current craze for wearable tech and gesture controlled gadgets IK Multimedia has revealed a new kind of gizmo that lets you create music on your iOS device just by hand gestures. iRing Music Maker touchless controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch gives you a whole new way of creating music in a fun way with certain specific gestures. Using the advanced image recognition technology, motion control and geometric positioning technology the device is paired with FX/Control app and then the front facing camera of your device determines the position of the iRing to track movement. The ring controls 6 parameters at a time giving you the freedom to create music just like a music expert. The wearable gadget is worn in between the fingers and the movement is converted into MIDI control messages that control music settings.

iRing Music Maker CES 2014

The device is compatible with a list of apps and the number will grow more as SDK allows the app developers to incorporate compatibility with other apps as well. For example if you are using iRing for GrooveMaker 2 then you’ll have to slide your fingers across the grid to change Delay Time and the number of times the repeat is needed. So in a way the virtual 3D grid, XY grid and Z grid allows the user to move across the screen to control various elements.

Shown-off at CES 2014 the iRing is going to be available across music and electronics retailers worldwide for just $25.

iRing Music Maker CES 2014



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