CES 2014: Bem Wireless Speaker Band, a boombox on your wrist

Bem Wireless Speaker Band CES 2014

A speaker on your wrist is what this watch is all about. Shaped like a wristwatch the Bem Wireless Speaker Band connects via Bluetooth to your devices and there you have a personal boombox on your wrist that is ready to get any party started. Added functionality includes initiating or answering calls through its built-in microphone. Speaker Band is very comfortable to wear and comes in a plethora of colors like green, pink, white, black or gray. This watch speaker in a way breaks the jinx of smartwatches that we are so accustomed to see these days especially at CES 2014 and shows how a watch can be more than just smart, it can be a speaker.

Bem Wireless Speaker Band CES 2014

Bem Wireless Speaker Band is priced at just $70 and is ideal for urban junkies who like to carry their music everywhere. For example skateboard riders or bike riders who like to hear their music in the open environment once in a while instead of their earphones or headphones. Plus it is a cool accessory to brag about around your friends and chicks.

Bem Wireless Speaker Band CES 2014

Bem Wireless Speaker Band CES 2014

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