CES 2014: CSR’s Bluetooth-enabled pendant flaunts style and function

Bluetooth Smart Jewellery by CSR at CES 2014

Make no mistake about it; CES 2014 is galore with all kinds of wearable devices. And, a few of them have also taken the aesthetic route of posing as ‘smart’ jewelry. We daresay CSR’s Bluetooth-enabled pendant belongs to this visually enticing group, albeit with its own range of functions. According to CSR’s survey on consumers’ preference for wearable technology, around a whopping 72 percent of participants wanted their device to look appealing, while 67 percent also agreed that it should comply with their personal style. The company has made use of this feedback for designing their Bluetooth-enabled pendant, which seemingly combines both style and technology.

The core function exhibited by CSR’s pendant entails – visually alerting the user with its flashing light, when notifications are received on the smartphone. The wireless scope of connection is achieved with CSR’s Bluetooth Smart solution, which has been specifically envisaged for catering to wearable devices. The advantage lies in its ability to connect to smartphone by using much less power than conventional Bluetooth mechanisms.

The energy efficient ambit also contributes to the small form-factor of the pendant, thus making the device appealing in aesthetics but unobtrusive in embodiment. And as for the wearable’s power-train, the necklace boasts of a CSR microprocessor with integrated Apple Notification Center Service (for accessing notifications from iOS 7), along with a small Li-ion battery.

Demonstrated at this year’s CES, CSR’s pendant will also have Android based applications. But the more interesting part is the future potential of the technology. According to Paul Williamson, Director of Low Power Wireless at CSR, third party developers can make use of the special printed circuit board (PCB) to achieve wondrous results – like an incorporated scent capsule that releases the user’s favorite fragrance during particular times of the day.

Bluetooth Smart Jewellery by CSR at CES 2014

Via: CSR


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