CES 2014: Venice-based GlassUp showcase first prototype of their AR glasses

GlassUp AR glasses

Back in July of last year, we harped about the Indiegogo funded GlassUp AR glasses with their touted ability to sync with your smartphone, and read emails, social media posts and messages. In short, it was one of the main competitors to Google Glass. And, now with CES 2014 in full swing, the creators had the opportunity to showcase the prototype of the GlassUp. As many of you might have deduced from the top image, we are sorely disappointed with the specimen. Almost looking of those unwieldy eye-oriented tools from the optometrist’s office, the design in its current state is oddly crude, to say the least. Of course, these augmented reality glasses are still in their prototype stage, which certainly leaves plenty room for form-factor improvement.

In fact, Francesco Giartosio, CEO of GlassUp, has already made it clear that the Venice-based company is looking forth to a fashion accessory solution, rather than a tech accessory solution. This means the final wearable technology will be inconspicuous in nature that suits your personal style, which is in stark contrast with the Steampunk-esque, cyborg-like essence showcased by its current embodiment.

Beyond style, the designers are also considering the usability options of the AR glasses. This translates to – two to three different types of frames tailored for variant head sizes. And, since commercial availability is expected from middle of this year, the company still has time to finalize and manufacture multiple sized GlassUp glasses. This will be somewhat complemented by the $399 price tag, which is considerably less than the much heralded Google Glass.

For more details, follow GlassUp’s home page.


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