Keecker robot is a smartphone controlled projector and audio system

Keeker robot CES 2014

In the run for making a portable projector that is wise enough to understand needs of the user Keecker robot which is smartphone controlled beats them all. Showcased at CES 2014 this robot projector runs on Android 4.2 OS and has full integration with Google Play so that you can stream favorite content from Netflix or Youtube. To top it off the projector has a built-in speaker system that enhances your visual experience. Keecker robot has 1,000 lumen light that is bright enough even if the lights of your room are on making it an unbeatable projection robot that obeys your every command. The only downside of this robot is its resolution of 1,280 x 800 which is quite less when we see the price tag attached to it.

Keecker robot CES 2014

In total the robotic projector measures 16 inches wide and 25 inches tall which not be as compact as you might want it to be but if you are a movie buff addicted to television series or like to watch home videos and pictures over and over again, then watching it on any wall of your home can be a great benefit. The egg-shaped robot made its appearance at CES 2014 by rolling down the floor and then projecting trailer of upcoming movie X-Men Days of Future Past on the wall.

The robot can be controlled through your Android smartphone or tablet and you can set it to follow you in case you are listening music through its speakers. One added benefit that the robot carries is its ability to project stars on your kid’s room ceiling or photos and portraits on wall as a part of hanging portraits. Keeker will carry a hefty price tag of $4000-$5000 and will be available for purchase by the latter half of 2014.



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