CES 2014: Kodak’s PixPro smart lenses for improved smartphone photography

Kodak's PixPro smart lenses

There is no denying the large technological gap between smartphone cameras and dedicated camera systems; a gap that is turning away many an amateur photography enthusiast. Well, Kodak has followed the footsteps of Sony to bridge this commercial void with their PixPro series of smart lenses, showcased at CES 2014. Similar to the working nature of Sony QX , these lenses attach to the smartphone, thus allowing the long cherished dream of a good, proper snap from your mobile device. The long zoom accessories are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and can controlled via a freely downloaded app.

According to Kodak, the main advantages of the PixPro lenses pertain to their enhanced focus, improved clarity, better zooming capacity and the ability to be intuitively transferred to your phone’s photo stream. This entails a far easier post-photo scope, with breezy editing and uploading to social media platforms. These features are complemented by a built-in sleep mode for snapping those glorious images on the go and a micro SD card slot for higher storage capacity.

As for its core specifications, the lower range of PixPro lenses boast of  – Full HD (1080p) video capturing capability, 10x optical zoom, 28-280mm wide-angle lens and optical image stabilization (OIS). These aspects are bolstered by the fact that the lenses are light-weight in nature and thus highly portable.

Finally, in commercial terms, the PixPro series comprises of two lens types – the PixPro SL10 (with the aforementioned specs) will retail for $199; and the PixPro SL25 (with 25x optical zoom and 24-600mm range) will retail for $299.

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