CES 2014: Movea’s G-series wristband to have multi-role tracking capability

CES 2014:

One thing is for certain – this year’s CES had an implosion of wearable bands and fitness trackers. So, how to stand apart from the throng of digital health mechanisms? Of course, by declaring one’s design to be the -‘world’s most accurate and energy efficient multi-sport wristband’. At least that is what tech company Movea have done with their CES demonstration of the G-series of high-performance wristbands. Designed in collaboration with Xm-Squared and Texas Instruments, the advanced contraption will have multi-role capability. The scope includes – tracking of motions from advanced sports, sleep monitoring, posture correction, along with measuring distance, running speed and motional rhythm.

Interestingly, the G-series is made available as a reference design kit for third party developers. Provided with API, the kit will allow the OEMs to dabble with an advanced set-up, which already has high precision features and optimized power attributes. As a matter of fact, the precision credentials of the G-series are touted to be as efficient as hospital performance tests. When translated to figures, this means – an average error of around 1.7 percent, which is considerably less than the average error of 6.3 percent showcased by comparable tracking gizmos.

Of course, as far as commercial means are concerned, a credible product from the G-series is presumably still a long way off. However, the potential for a practically applicable multi-role tracking wristband is surely worth the time. And, the scope is made even more fascinating with Movea’s vision to develop a collective monitoring system with a dedicated e-Health platform.


Dattatreya Mandal

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