CES 2014: Best automotive technologies on show

Automotive technology

Your wheels determine your style statement and the kind of personality you have but as soon as you close the door of your vehicle it’s just about how comfortable you are with it. Surely automotive details like your engine performance, gear ratios and balance of the vehicle do determine how pleasurable the ride is but there is no doubting how technology is changing the complexion of our present as well as the upcoming automotive technology. CES 2014 saw a long list of car manufacturer’s and third party automotive part manufacturer’s come up with their version of ideas to make you driving experience even more exhilarating. We have here a list of the best automotive technologies demonstrated at Consumer Electronics Show 2014, so read on to learn how technology is fusing with your everyday ride to make things better than before.

# Self-drifting BMW M235i @ CES 2014

Self-drifting BMW M235i CES 2014

There is nothing new about the technology of self-driving cars but BMW showed its consumers something new that has not been achieved in the past. They showed a self-drifting BMW M235i that uses advanced technology to actuate the car’s movement for perfect drifting. The prototype vehicle used for this technology demonstration is BMW M235i and you would have to see it to believe it.

# Hyundai 2015 Genisis sedan @ CES 2014

Hyundai Genesis

Tired of locking and unlocking your car’s door with the key fob or even worse manually by turning the lock key? Then it’s time you have a look at this Google Glass controlled key locking system for Hyundai 2015 Genisis sedan. Using the Blue Link app for Google Glasses, you can send Google Map information to the car, unlock it just with gestures and more.

# Audi Quattro laserlight headlights @ CES 2014

Audi Quattro laserlight

Audi the leading technology infusing company when it comes to tech savvy automobiles has come up with their version of headlights that are much safer and light up the path of the driver almost 500 meters ahead. The use of laserlight for high beam is a great idea as it is ideal for highway driving in the night time. The laserlight headlights were used in the Audi Sport Quattro concept car and have lot of technological components that make the lights function in extreme heat conditions too.

# Garmin Dash Cam @ CES 2014

Garmin Dash Cam vehicle camera

Garmin showed-off their high end Garmin Dash Cam at CES 2014 which is capable of autonomous recording of events like accidents or the automobile losing its control courtesy the various sensors embedded inside. The dash cam can be easily fitted inside any vehicle and the GPS version of the cam records the video with complete geo-tagging and other details of the location. The camera comes handy for situations where proof is needed in the court of law in event of some accident.

# BMW iRemote App for Galaxy Gear

BMW Galaxy gear

BMW has come up with iRemote App for Galaxy Gear that gives all the information about the BMW i3 car’s current status like whether or not doors are closed, or battery charge level etc. The smartwatch can also be used for sending destination to i3’s navigation system, adjust climate control and voice command recognition.

# Ford C-Max Solar Energi car @ CES 2014

C-Max Solar Energi car

All-American automaker Ford will now be using the exalted CES platform to exhibit their advanced C-Max Solar Energi car. Envisaged as a plug-in hybrid automobile, the specialty of the C-Max lies in its ability to be powered directly by solar energy. In other words, the electric car doesn’t require conventional outlets (all the time) to be juiced up; instead it can also utilize the natural sun rays for the powering up scope.



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