The self-sharpening BornSharp razor comes with a $500 price tag

BornSharp razor

Many of us tend to have obsessions with gadgets and designs; obsessions that turn us into aficionados and collectors. A good example would be those impressive yet mighty costly chronometers. But how far can we go before we take a grievous look at our bank balance? Well, the BornSharp razor asks us such ‘deep pocket’ questions with its maddeningly high $500 price tag. Designed with a superior quality blade, the innovative feature of the ritzy razor would surely be its self-sharpening system. This is achieved with a specially crafted stand that freshly sharpens the blade with its integrated grinding stone.

As can be comprehended from the impressive design considerations, the BornSharp was envisaged as an evolved piece of personal hygiene equipment that goes against the norms of the standard industrial products. In regular circumstances, our razors do not cope well beyond the two or three time shaving session. But according to BornSharp’s inventor Steve Worthington, the advanced contrivance eliminates the need for low quality replacement blades. This is further complemented by its precision sharpening feature, along with an ultraviolet light that helps in disinfecting the razor every time after usage.

BornSharp razor

Now, for enthusiasts who are already won over by BornSharp’s design pitch, we should warn beforehand – the equipment requires the ‘skill’ of straight-razor shaving, which can only be perfected over time. And, as for BornSharp’s commercial potential, the design has failed to gather its crowd-funded goal of $100,000 from Indiegogo.

So, what is Worthington’s next step to bring his opulent invention to the market? Well, as told to Yahoo, the designer is looking forth for a second round of better PR campaigning, and a set of meetings with potential investor groups who ‘share his vision’.


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