CES 2014: The portable Finsix laptop charger comes with pint-sized credentials

Finsix 65W Laptop Adapter at CES 2014

To be frank, a majority of us have been victims of the weighty laptop power brick and its wretched paraphernalia of thick cords. Well, this year’s CES had quite a few portable power-oriented devices up its sleeve, and the above pictured Finsix’s device is arguably the best among them. Designed as a laptop charger, the tiny 2.4 cu inch power adapter (with 65 watt capacity) weighs just 0.1 lbs,which is incredibly one -fourth the size and one-sixth the weight of comparable devices. This efficient form-factor was achieved with the utilization of high frequency switching technology that significantly reduced the overall size requirement.

Beyond its ultra-svelte credentials (which includes a thickness of less than an inch), the Finsix laptop charger also boasts of an improved usability factor. The bantam form factor allows the adapter to be plugged directly into the wall without the requirement of either three-pronged outlets or the need for bulky AC-side cords. The power contraption also features an auxiliary USB port, which can be further used for charging smaller mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

With all these advantageous attributes, the Finsix will surely be the go-to charger for business travelers and students who still rely on their ever trusty laptops. As for the commercial scheme of things, the adapter contrivance will make its debut by summer of this year in an assortment of vibrant colors, ranging from pink, brown to dark blue. The price for now is kept at around the $90 mark.

Finsix 65W Laptop Adapter at CES 2014


Finsix 65W Laptop Adapter at CES 2014

For more details, check out Finsix’s page.


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