Micro windmills will power gadgets for limitless source of energy

Micro Windmill charging for gadgets

Worried about your gadget soaking too much energy and you craving for a limitless source of energy to power them up? Well, solar energy or hand-cranked chargers could be the answer but what about wind energy? Wind energy is infinitely distributed across our globe and that is why micro-engineering experts at University of Texas Arlington (UTA) have developed a very small micro windmill only 1.8mm wide (smaller that grain of rice) that can convert wind energy into electricity. This in turn could be fitted inside your gadgets and gizmos on nickel devices so that you can have limitless source of charging your phone just by waving your gadget in the air or putting it in a place with air around. Each of these miniscule windmills will be made from flexible nickel alloy components that are very flexible and won’t break in the harshest of environments.

Micro Windmill charging for gadgets

The technology application could be a smartphone having such charging sleeves or a phone having these small windmills embedded inside them so that you never have to worry about charging woes when on long trips or out for adventure.

Apparently the Taiwanese fabrication foundry WinMEMS Technologies have exclusive rights to sell this concept in any application. Not only these tiny windmills but the researchers have also developed inductors, op-up switches and gears that are small enough like a strand of hair to build micro-robots.

Via: EurekaAlerts/Engadget



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