Nokia Normandy Android KitKat powered smartphone spotted !

Nokia Normandy android KitKat powered smartphone

Very strong rumors about the Android-powered Nokia smartphone codenamed Normandy have leaked in the cloud and it is no surprise that pictures of this KitKat-running operating system have finally been revealed. The vibrant operating system of the phone’s screen looks like it is running on Android 4.4 KitKat which might well be modified version of Nokia’s own OS. Also the handset shows dual SIM support, a benchmark test with 5-megapixel camera and 854 x 540 display. But the question is, whether this handset would ever make to the consumer market as Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s handset division? Probably this leak is an indication of something surprising.

Nokia Normandy android KitKat powered smartphone

The images come courtesy a tweet from Chinese user @seamissu who has called it the engineering prototype of Nokia Normandy smartphone. The phone looks to have a back button below the display like Nokia’s Lumia smartphones and this by the way is first live image of this rumored phone. In all probability this phone is going to be launched sometime later this year and if we don’t hear anymore about this device, well, then it might well be another gadget that never made it past the infancy stage.

Nokia Normandy android KitKat powered smartphone

Source: Weibo



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