Panasonic’s advanced Powered Suit to be mass-produced with plausible pricing

Panasonic's Powered Suit

Panasonic and exoskeletons? Now, that makes up for a potent combination! The Japanese electronic giant has unveiled what might be the world’s first affordable, mass-produced exoskeleton suit. Christened simply as the Powered Suit, the contrivance was actually created by Panasonic’s robotics subsidiary, Activelink. And, the interesting part is – this is just the beginning phase of the company’s exoskeleton portfolio; they are also looking forth to create more advanced versions of the suit that can be used beneath oceans and in space.

Coming down to the design at hand, the Powered Suit has been envisaged as a battery powered robust contraption with some boisterous capabilities. In that regard, the exoskeleton can easily lift objects of up to 220 lbs in weight, along with other hardy tasks, like hammering, digging and scooping out stuff. Additionally, the suit has the capacity to be activated for a stretch of 5 hours on a single Li-ion battery charge, while it can also achieve speeds of up to 5 mph.

As for its commercial potential, the Powered Suit is expected to be available by the year 2015, with 1000 models produced for the initial run. The retailing price will be around 500,000 yen (or $4,800). This is pretty reasonable, especially considering the exoskeleton’s striking (and glorious) resemblance to those bionic enhancements we see in the grim universe of Warhammer 40,000. And, we all know – geeks love Warhammer!

Panasonic's Powered Suit

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