Detroit Auto Show: Gran Turismo 6 serves as platform for Toyota LT-1 concept design

Toyota RT-1 Concept supercar Detroit Auto Show

Racing games can have a great impact on your psychological condition and by the look of things on your car design too. Toyota has taken a very niche approach of designing their supercar concept after giving it a test ride in the Sony’s Gran Turismo game. Toyota LT-1 concept shown at the North American International Auto Show a.k.a Detroit Auto Show (January 13-26, 2014) has been tweaked for design by testing in the Gran Turismo gaming environment and initially it was used to prove to the company’s boss that the concept car is indeed very good. Interestingly the handling, physical design and details such as lights are pretty much identical to how the car behaves in the virtual environment of Gran Turismo 6. And as a complimentary gift for successful reveal of the Toyota LT-1, the Gran Turismo players can expect to have the car for free in the game. Such is the awesomeness of Gran Turismo gaming engine that gamers can have a very realist feel of driving the supercar in virtual environment.

Coming onto the real Toyota FT-1 concept, it has been designed in such a way that it seems as if the car has been sculpted by blowing winds and aerodynamically it is optimized for performance. There are large intakes in the front and sides of the vehicle along with the rear diffuser and automatic spoiler for thumping aerodynamic performance. LT-1 supercar has a fighter jet inspired heads-up display in line with the steering wheel and all those curves give it a very sexy look on the inside as well as outside.

Toyota RT-1 Concept supercar Detroit Auto Show

Apart from that not very much has been revealed about the car’s specification by Toyota but a look at it tells that there are no shifter’s on the console or clutch pedal, indicating a dual clutch automatic transmission or fully automatic transmission. Although Toyota has no plans of pushing this concept car into production but still it will be an example for designing future Toyota cars.

# Toyota LT-1 in Gran Turismo 6 racing environment



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