Detroit Auto Show: Tesla Motors to develop Gen 3 electric car with low cost and improved range

Tesla Motors' Gen 3 electric car

When it comes to the realm of electric vehicles, the Nissan Leaf has been the dominant automobile by its sheer volume of sales. Perhaps, this has something to do with its family oriented hatchback credentials, complemented by a substantial 75 mile range and a plausible pricing of around $29,000. Tesla Motors on the other hand have been dealing with the more opulent variant of electric cars, starting with the Roadster, which was the first electric sportscar, to the recently released Model S, which is once again a hatchback, ‘luxury’ sedan. However, the automaker is certainly looking forth to bridge that economic gap with their announced Gen 3 (or Model E). According to the grapevine from the on-going Detroit Auto Show 2014, Gen 3 will entail the company’s planned lower-cost electric vehicle line, and is expected to make its commercial splash by 2017.

From the perspective of specifications, the slightly hefty Model S boasts of 60 kWh battery and 85 kWh battery variants, with corresponding 208 miles and 265 miles electric ranges. The Gen 3 is also touted to be to achieve a slightly reduced electric range, which can very well touch the 200 mile mark. When compared to Nissan Leaf’s 75 mile range or even BMW’s i3’s 80 miles range, the Gen 3 attributes are clearly ahead in terms of core figures. This is bolstered by the fact that Tesla Motors have a long standing expertise in crafting advanced electric power-trains.

The only thing remaining now is a credible price factor that could usher in Gen 3’s entry into the mass-market of electric cars. Well, according to Tesla, they are looking forward to a $40,000 price range. Now, this might be higher than Nissan Leaf, but is still at par with BMW’s i3’s $41,000 retail cost.

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