Get your back straight with anti-slouching t-shirt

Anti-slouching t-shirt

No one likes slouchers and if you happen to be one then it is a very bad habit that gives a very wrong impression about your personality. To come up with a practical solution to the problem of slouching, Meet Up Courte (Parsian fashion design company) has designed a anti-slouching T-shirt sans any rigid braces. The t-shirt has patented arrangement of elastic bands that are embedded into the fabric in 8 patterns in such a way that the wearer would feel the comfort in a non-drooping position only. So in a way if you are slouching the t-shirt won’t feel comfortable and only when you stand or sit in an upright position, you’ll feel comfortable. A very simple yet effective solution to the problem of slouching unintentionally while walking of sitting.

Anti-slouching t-shirt

Neda Naef, who is the designer of this anti-slouching t-shirt claims that this world’s first of its kind t-shirt encourages better posture and does not degrade over time from use. This kind of t-shirt is a must have for those seriously slouching geeks who have the risk of developing back pains and a crooked posture overtime due to this unintentional habit.

The tee is made from 100% organic cotton material and the supporting bands are made from resilient form of elastic. The anti-slouching t-shirt carries a price tag of $175-$200 which is not a very high price for people who have tried many ideas before without any result.

# Anti-slouching t-shirt

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