Detroit Auto Show: XTRUX showcased as the world’s first solar powered pick-up truck

XTRUX solar powered truck

This year’s Detroit Auto Show has brought us some interesting conceptions, some unveiled as affordable sports cars, and some supported by video games! And, now we have come across the world’s first pickup truck that has the ability to be powered by solar energy. Christened as the XTRUX, the automobile showcased by VIA Motors is basically an upgraded version of the hybrid Escalade Class-S SUV (from General Motors). This enhancement is quite evident from the use of solar panels on the back-side, which are touted to have industrial-grade quality. This means the panel is sturdy enough for some heavy-duty stuff, while its all-encompassing surface credibly covers the truck bed to improve upon the SUV’s efficiency.

When translated to figures, the XTRUX boasts of a substantial 800 horsepower with two electric motors complemented by a 5.3-liter Chevrolet V-8 engine. The original hybrid Escalade has a 40 mile electric range. Of course, this range capacity requires plugged charging at least once on a daily basis. However, the XTRUX traverses this electric outlet scope with its plug-free power generated by the rear-section solar panel. In fact, the panel not only juices up the car’s battery but also the power tools that are wired with the vehicle’s special outboard outlet.

XTRUX solar powered truck

These solar panels will be available in two variants – the 400-watt model with $2,000 price tag can add up to 6 miles of electric range (thus increasing the original electric range by 15 percent), and the 800-watt model with $3,000 price tag can add up to 10 miles of electric range (thus increasing the original electric range by 25 percent). As for the XTRUX’s own pricing and availability, unfortunately no information has been divulged till now.

XTRUX solar powered truck

Via: VIAMotors


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