PiPad: A classy wooden tablet exclusively powered by Raspberry Pi

PiPad Raspberry Pi tablet

What strikes us immediately about the above pictured wooden tablet is its ‘rustic’ elegance with incredible design values. But more than that meets the eye, the charming aesthetics is not the only thing that defines the PiPad. Envisioned as DIY project by Michael Castor, the tablet is remarkably powered by Raspberry Pi. Interestingly enough, the home-made contrivance with sober wooden credentials was not at all about the designer’s vanity. Castor actually wanted to make a tablet device that he could practically carry around on flights without the panic induced intrusion of neighboring passengers and TSA. Well, in that he succeeded, with the PiPad gladly achieving simple functions like – web browsing, video displaying and document editing.

PiPad Raspberry Pi tablet

While the final product just took 2 weeks to assemble, Castor had been dabbling with the notion of a Raspberry Pi tablet since 2012. In fact, he made the first prototype of the device by February of last year. And now, our resourceful DIYer is certain that he can built another similar tablet within a week, provided that he has the necessary components.

PiPad Raspberry Pi tablet

And, since we have brought up the subject of components, the PiPad is juiced up by a 10,000mAh battery and its display comprises of a capacitive touchscreen. The elegance of the wood is derived from Baltic birch plywood, while its back-side is finished from a salvaged scrap of carbon fiber.

PiPad Raspberry Pi tablet

However, the best part about the entire scope is that Castor has conscientiously shared his detailed step-by-step process for creating the PiPad tablet. If you are seriously interested, please do follow his website’s build link.


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