Pocket Drone: A bantam flying drone with built-in HD camera mount


There is one outdoor area the amateur photographers among us have not been able to conquer, and that is the aerial zone. For decades, the mighty realm of aerial photography has belonged to the professionals and experts. But all is about to change with the cheekily bantam Pocket Drone. An innovative commercial project by San Diego-based AirDroids, the contrivance is touted as the world’s first multicopter that has the ability to carry a HD camera system in its fully open form, and yet can be folded to the diminutive size of a 7-inch tablet for convenient storage inside your pocket.

The Ready To Fly (RTF) Pocket Drone weighs just one pound, and comes with all the apt features tailored to enhanced flight and camera carrying credentials. These include –  folding propellers, built-in landing gear and built in camera mount (with a half pound payload carrying capacity). And, the best part is – the aerial drone can be controlled on a remote basis from an Android smartphone or tablet, via its dedicated app interface.


Of course, the advantage of the flight scope is not just limited to remote controlling. The aerodynamic Pocket Drone showcases its its navigational excellence through advanced flight controls and algorithms. In fact, the APM compatible flight controller boasts of 6-axis accelerometers, 3 axis gyroscopes and a barometric sensor for gauging altitude. This is boosted by some nifty usability features, like – lessened recharging time, real-time flight data and the ability to fly by GPS waypoints.

Pocket Drone

With so many groovy attributes, the Pocket Drone has trail-blazed through its Kickstarter campaign with a whopping $307,444 being pledged (out of just $30,000 goal) and still having 48 days to go. The retail price is expected to around the $495 mark with the package coming with a six-channel radio controller.


Dattatreya Mandal

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