DIYer contrives a four-barreled T-Shirt Cannon by using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi T-Shirt Cannon

T-Shirt Cannons seem to be all the rage in the thriving domain of spectator sports. But about a T-Shirt Cannon powered by the intricacies of a Raspberry Pi? Well, a collaborative project by DIYer David Bryan and photographer Lucas Saugen entails exactly that. Originally envisioned for flat track roller team Minnesota RollerGirls, the impressive contraption encompasses four separate barrels for a whirlwind of t-shirt ‘bullets’.

As David Bryan made it clear, the inspiration for his Raspberry Pi powered design came when he was asked to repair a Minnesota RollerGirls T-Shirt Cannon that broke in the mid-season. He did a quick fix, and then pondered on the bold notion of contriving a specialized technology that could potentially fuel the next-generation of T-Shirt Cannons.

The result was an extended period of research, which dabbled with quirky ideas like – tweeting when a t-shirt was launched, a camera captured moment when the t-shirt hit someone and finally the ability to fire t-shirts in quick succession. All of these high aims led to the final design scope that surely boasts of some progressive features.

These features include – the utilization of PVC (Schedule 40 variety) for the barrels, a Raspberry Pi computer with both WiFi and camera modules for posting snaps and videos, a Darlington transistor array (ULN2803) wired to Adafruit 12-bit analog board, and a 12V 7Ah battery for the power-train. All of these translates to a robust cannon mechanism, which can support incessant t-shirt launching scenarios that use four separate barrels.

And, you can gleefully gawk at the video below, to watch one of the testing phases of the Raspberry Pi T-Shirt Cannon.

Raspberry Pi T-Shirt Cannon


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