ViScope MD visual stethoscope boasts of murmur detection indicator

ViScope MD visual stethoscope

A few days ago, we talked about the MAP bed monitoring system tailored to medical facilities. And now the thriving realm of medical science has yet another progressive entry in the form of ViScope MD, a state-of-the-art stethoscope from HD Medical. To be unveiled in the upcoming Arab Health exposition, the stethoscope showcases an integrated high resolution phonocardiogram (PCG) visual display. This advanced scope of display also boasts of the world’s first murmur detection indicator. So what does it entail for us common folk? Well, the device’s capability will allow doctors and medical professionals to perform what is known as dynamic auscultation. In simpler terms, they can visually perceive the heart murmurs in the form of gauged wave-forms, thus giving them the opportunity to quickly screen out heart related anomalies and ailments.

The precision detection of the ViScope MD is bolstered by its noise-cancellation credentials. This high-quality level of clarity was achieved with HD Medical’s proprietary noise reduction technology that has been developed and perfected over a space of ten long years.

The ambit of usability is also improved with the ViScope MD recordings being transferable to a PC for further examination. Synced via the stethoscope’s bundled software, doctors and clinicians can easily access a tuning filter that gives the option of hearing sounds from differently selected parts of a heart. The info files can then be documented and archived for future usage or comparable cases.

Lastly, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the ViScope MD is currently sold in India from the company’s own website. As for the cost factor, the retail price is kept around the $600 mark.


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