Immersion is a game rage controlling wearable gadget

Immersion game rage controlling gadget

Life is so much in the fast lane that when things seem bit out of order we panic and that leads to frustration. And if you happen to be an addicted gamer then things don’t get any better. For example while gaming when you happen to get stuck in a difficult level or tend to lose the game just when you think it’s time to celebrate. This leads to what we call as game rage and this can have an effect in your real life too. You tend to be more agitated, lose your cool and tend to look like a freak when things get too far. To combat this whole chain of events that lead to game rage that can last for hours even days depending on the person encountering it, Samuel Matson has envisioned a gadget called Immersion that eliminates any game rage for gaming addicts. The idea behind this gizmo is to read any signs of increase in heart rate/pulse and change the in-game difficulty according to it. For example if during a RPG you are encountering too many hooligans or zombies which are hard to kill, the device will read you frustration and thereby alter the in-game events.

Sam modified an Xbox gaming controller and incorporated a pulse sensor that reads the gamer’s biological condition. The controller is then synced with Immersion device that the gamer wears like a headphone that detects any sign of increased heart rate or change in the color of ear tissue which is an indicative of anxiety and frustration. Immersion is fitted with a pulse sensor that automatically detects abrupt heart rate changes and perform the resulting changes need in the game.

Immersion game rage controlling gadget

Immersion game rage controlling device is currently in prototype testing stage and only time will tell if it does its job of controlling game rage or do gamer’s think of it as another gadget to keep in the closet after short use as it might kill the challenge of playing games.

Immersion game rage controlling gadget

Immersion game rage controlling gadget

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