The brawny Tunemax Ruggedpower portable battery vaunts its 9000mAh capacity

Tunemax Ruggedpower portable battery

There are some mobile batteries that gleefully showcase their aesthetic elegance with svelte design considerations. Well, the Tunemax Ruggedpower from Tunawear has no such penchant for a slim appearance. In fact, the robust portable battery with a whopping capacity of 9000mAh proudly showcases its complementing brawny case. Of course, beyond just visuals, this hardy housing is tailored for scenarios when you can charge your mobile devices even in the wild. Such outdoorsy characteristics are defined by the battery’s compliance with IP67, which is an international testing standard for resistance to both dust and water.

In terms of usability, the Tunemax Ruggedpower comes with its Micro USB Cable accessory. This means, you can charge the contraption directly from a computer or from a USB wall charger via the USB cable. The very same cable is utilized for charging other mobile devices, by connecting them to the battery’s USB port and then activating the dedicated power button. Interestingly, the Li-ion battery also comes with a LED that can be used as a flashlight during your outdoor adventures in the dark.

As for Tunemax Ruggedpower capability as a powerful portable battery, its 2.1 amps output can easily charge bigger mobile devices like tablets. Moreover, the high output equates to an improved charging speed, which is greater than comparable USB chargers.

Dimensions –  28(D) x 64(W) x 101(H) (in mm)

Other features – Integrated compass and carabiner.

Price – $79.95. For buying details, refer to the product page.


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