Hassleblad H5D-50c is world’s first 50M medium format camera

Hassleblad H5D-50c camera

Hasselblad is out with the world’s first 50MP medium format camera that uses CMOS sensor technology. Hassleblad H5D-50c camera is going to have 50c capture rate, multi-shot capability, longer shutter speed and much better ISO variation. According to Hasselblad product manager Ove Bengston the camera is well suited for photographers who like more versatile camera options that give them a wide range of photography options while preserving the exceptionally high end image quality. He added by saying that this 50 MP CMOS sensor camera is based on Hassleblad H5D-50 model but will improved capability and improved Live Video in Phocus.

# According to Hasselblad’s CEO Ian Rawcliffe

We are extremely excited about this highly adaptable new camera which will offer an even broader palette of shooting options for our high-end customers.

This camera is going to stiffen the competition in the very competitive medium format camera market that has players like Nikon and Cannon. There is no word yet on the pricing or availability of Hassleblad H5D-50 camera yet but it is expected to be announced in March 2014.

Source: Hassleblad



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