R-Kaid Revelation is beautiful gaming PC with thumping computing power

R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC

Gaming PCs should look as crafty as the games they are used to play. But normally that is not the case. Well, for a change someone did make an eye-popping gaming PC that makes all other gaming PCs look ugly. Love Hulten, a Swedish designer and craftsman has designed a gaming PC called R-Kaid Revelation that takes the shape of an arcade box crafted from walnut and copper. Pre-fitted with two joysticks for gaming extravaganza, the R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC has a transparent see-through 22” backlit LCD screen that shows the inside engine in a cool red ambience which by the way is super cool. This water-cooled gaming PC has homemade motor driven blind/shade with limit switches and a built-in 500 ANSI LED projector for cinematic gaming experience. Joysticks of the R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC are hidden in a chest like drawer that retract back when not in use and these joysticks can be charged through the USB attached on the backside.

R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC

To keep up with the retro wooden theme the Bluetooth keyboard is wooden and mouse is also draped in retro flavor. Just as it is beautiful on the outside it is powerful on the inside with an Intel i5 3570k processor, Corsair Dominators 2x4GB RAM and ZOTAC GTX670 AMP 2GB graphics card. The PC is dual-booted with two separate 256GB SSD disks and a physical SATA-switch. One boot location is loaded with 12,000 classic games and the other booted with Windows based setup for more demanding games that require GPU power.

R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC

All-in-all the R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC is one sexy looking machine that has the power to run the most graphics intensive games that game developers have to offer. And Love’s addiction for making niche things can be assimilated from his collection of other equally good projects on his website.

# R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC in action

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