The affordable ReMotion prosthetic knee to have a $80 price tag

ReMotion prosthetic knee

Prosthetic limbs may have evolved in terms of pure technology, but the predicament still lies with the relatively high costs that keeps them out of reach from potential consumers in developing countries. Well, non-profit company D-Rev (Design Revolution) have resolved to traverse this issue by creating a low cost prosthetic that also amps it up on the advanced scope. Developed and designed for above-knee amputees, the $80 ReMotion knee will mainly benefit the economic group that makes less than $4 per day. And, beyond just the cost factor, the contrivance will substantially improve upon the ergonomics normally associated with single axis prosthetic knees.

Krista Donaldson, CEO of D-Rev, made a TED appearance to showcase the scope of improvement achieved by the ReMotion knee. Her video demonstrated the constraints of single axis technology, which is the cheapest option available in the current market for developing countries (the other option being that of a natural bamboo stick). In contrast, the ReMotion displayed more fluidity in the movement pattern along with enhanced speed, balance and maneuverability.

Donaldson also made an interesting point that relates to the psychological scheme of things. According to her, these assortment of improvements are not just limited by physical characteristics, but are also conducive to the mental well-being of the amputee. This is turn alludes to the social scope in which the affected consumer can participate without the intrusion of emotional boundaries.

Via: D-Rev


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