True Love Tester bra unhooks only when true love is in the air

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Making love is eternal and when it is satisfying for both the individuals nothing can be better. But there are times when a woman ends on the receiving side of forceful sex or physical abuse and it is very uncool. There have been plenty of lingerie gizmos in the past that help to prevent forceful sex or abuse and it was time before a Japanese fancy lingerie would make it to the charts. As a part of the Ravijour’s 10th Anniversary under the Mood Up Campaign a new kind of techy bra has been introduced that only unlocks the hook when the women is in true love or wants to get physical with someone special. The True Love Tester bra by Ravijour cannot be unhooked without true love as human sexuality specialist and doctors say that when we are in love the adrenal medulla secretes catecholamine which affects the autonomic nerve and stimulates the heart rate.

Ravijour True Love Tester bra

Taking advantage of this the True Love Tester bra has a built-in sensor that reads woman’s heart-rate signal and sends the signal to a compatible app via Bluetooth for analysis. The app then calculates the True Love Rate based on changes and in the heart rate in a certain specified time to determine whether it is true love or not. And when the meter hits 100% the bra unlocks automatically!

Ravijour True Love Tester bra

Ravijour claims that it is going to be one of the tech accessories that urban women would want to have as only true love would open the canvas for painting love garden! Perhaps a method to seek out if you are in true love or not.

The bra weighs 200 grams and the electronic hook mechanism itself weighs 30 grams. For now the bra will have compatible iOS and Android apps which is great news for women who like to experiment with their love quotient.

Ravijour True Love Tester bra

But I was wondering how the app differentiates between a forceful sexual attack and true love as in both cases the heart rate would escalate. And if in case the two individuals want to get physical and the bra doesn’t unhook just in time going with the emotions wouldn’t it spoil the mood? Oh and maybe the guy would figure out a way to remove the bra by lowering down the strips, as simple as that.

Anyways True Love Tester bra is a whole new concept and it remains to be seen how well it determines true love quotient among couples.

Source: Ravijour



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