Robotic pet: Arduino controlled Wall-e robot responds to voice commands

Walle robot toy

Guys over at DIYMakers have created a very responsive and cute Arduino controlled Wall-e robot that was initially a lifeless Wall-e toy purchased from an online store. After getting the toy at their doorstep the team decided they wanted to put the Wall-e to life by having movable arms, head, drive wheels, illuminated eyes and LED bar just like as it was shown in the blockbuster animated movie Wall-e. To make sure that the toy didn’t collide with any obstacles while moving, two infrared sensors are attached to the neck and bottom of the body. For movement of arms and head 5V micro servomotors are used and for movement on the tracks a rotation servo motor is used that provides enough traction for moving the toy. All this is of-course controlled by an Arduino controller (Arduino Uno Rev 3) that keeps all the electronics in sync for this Wall-e robot.

Walle robot toy

The robot can identify speech via a speech recognition VR module that can store around 32 voice commands. To make the Wall-e robot look darn cute LED lights actuated by a LED bar and to power up the robot a 7.4 V LiPo battery is used.

Walle robot toy

All-in-all the project is amazingly simple to make and definitely the coolest robot toy that your kids would like to get their hands-on. Since the Wall-e robot has fluctuating LED lights and understands almost 32 voice commands like hands-up, hands-down, follow the finger etc. it is damn cute to have around when you are alone.



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