RumbleRail floppy disk jukebox flaunts its display screen and LEDs

RumbleRail floppy disk jukebox

If we snoop around the vast realm of the internet, we are sure to find a few floppy drive based music projects. But there is something inherently different with the above pictured RumbleRail, a floppy disk jukebox. The very first thing that strikes us is the contraption’s expansive form factor comprising of a machined black aluminum rail. This nifty looking rail houses a total of eight floppy drives, complemented by eight floppy controllers, a small display, an SD card holder and a supporting stand. So many varied components come together in a seamless manner to embody a collective music playing device, with the standalone ability to load up MIDI files.

And, since we have been harping about the form factor, the other interesting feature is the functional modularity of the RumbleRail. In this regard, each floppy is connected to the individual driver, while the drivers are connected to the main board via I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) addresses. So in essence, the number of floppies wired to the entire RumbleRail is limited by the restrictions of I²C addresses.

RumbleRail floppy disk jukebox

As we mentioned before, the RumbleRail also boasts of a 128×64 display, with its backing plate designed as a separately machined piece for housing the main board and the encoder. The users can access the content (after the main board scans the SD card) from this display. After the browsing is done with the help of a rotary encoder, and the song selected, the main board decodes the MIDI files for finally streaming the music via the floppy driver.

Lastly, the RumbleRail also flaunts its aesthetic appeal with dual RGB LEDs illuminating each floppy drive. The lighting syncs with the music played, thus creating a sort of a mini light show that endows a visual side to the audio affair.

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