Raspberry Pi powered Lego RC car

Raspberry pi lego rc car

Karl Herrick has built a RC Lego car on request of his son, who himself is quite a DIYer which is evident from his method to produce a fast wired remote control car. Karl’s version of the Lego RC car that is powered by a Raspberry Pi computer is a custom Lego RC car make that uses the very same Lego 4×4 Crawler powertrain. The Lego 4×4 Crawler consists of 2 large motors for providing power to the wheels, servo motor to turn the wheels and a battery box for powering up the whole machinery. The infrared remote control is actuated with a Parallax servo and Lego gear which in-fact is controlled by the Raspberry Pi itself. The whole drivetrain rig is secured to a 4×4 base and all the components are very carefully placed inside it so that the parts don’t get loose and fall off.

Equipped with a Raspberry Pi camera board it is possible to record perspective videos (@ 2592×1944) of the ride that the Lego car is on. To make all the commands remotely a Bluetooth USB adapter paired with a Bluetooth game controller connected wirelessly to a Nexus 4. Karl has posted the details of the code and the make process on his website and if you also want to make a Raspberry Pi powered RC Lego car then head straight over to it.



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