Next iteration of iPhone to have sapphire glass screens?

iPhone to have sapphire glass screens

Beyond elegance and svelte nature, Apple devices are known for their advanced technologies. And, now sapphire glass screens can make their presence felt in iPhones alongside progressive features like Siri voice command and fingerprint sensors; that is if the rumors turn out to be true. It was three months ago, when Apple reached an agreement with GT Advanced Technologies, and the contract entailed a $578 million deal for sapphire manufacturing. Apple has also followed it up with a patent that potentially demonstrates their upcoming plans for adopting sapphire as a credible material for smartphone screens.

So what exactly are the benefits of the sapphire? Well for starters, the natural material boasts of the second greatest strength after diamond. However, Apple is not just looking at the physical advantage of the scope; their expected direction will also have to do with economic side of affairs. According to an analysis put out forth by Matt Margolis of Seeking Alpha, GT Advanced Technologies have managed to significantly reduce the cost of sapphire crafted screens. In fact, the screen type’s present manufacturing cost (for prototypes) is almost similar to the famous Gorilla Glass (which is currently used in iPhones).

Furthermore, iPhones already use sapphire in their camera lens cover and touch ID button. Of course, a screen relates to a more expansive facade, and sapphire’s intrinsic rigidity does make it a bit unwieldy for such a flat structural component. However, as Apple’s patent has revealed, the company is developing a special aperture within the screen’s substrate that could be filled with plastic or even metal. This would make it easier to attach other materials like glass and plastic laminates, and so forth.

So, at the of the day, the inclusion of sapphire glass is all about high-end technology (of which Apple has a glorious history). And moreover, users can surely breathe a bit easy about those accidental smartphone drops, given that sapphire is a mighty robust material.

Via: SeekingAlpha


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