Guitar Ear-O headphones made from salvaged electric guitar parts

Guitar Ear-O headphones

Guitars and headphones are bliss for music lovers, but when one combines both of these in physical form is gets even better. Meet Guitar Ear-O designed by Carina Ostermayer (from Munich) that is a pair of headphones made from defective electric guitar parts giving music accessories a whole new dimension. To make the Guitar Ear-O headphones unused parts like fingerboards and speakers are used and it indeed looks good covered up in musical theme. So in a way the musical instrument is not left biting the dust in a closet, rather it is turned into another music playing instrument that has become so famous with people worldwide.

Guitar Ear-O headphones

As you can see the guitar fingerboard becomes the connecting strap of the headphones and the speakers are crafted from guitar’s wooden body. Although there are no specifications of the headphones audible frequency or price but it is still a cool example of innovative thinking to refurbish old musical instruments.

Guitar Ear-O headphones

Source: Behance



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