Cocodori printer can directly print specific sections of a screen page

Cocodori printer

Printing just the cat with its whimsical hat and perturbed face has always been a hassle for the enthusiasts. How so? Well, in the current stage, printing from computer gives us either of two options – to print the web page entirely at once or revert to ‘print screening’ and then snipping and snapping the preferred section in an image viewer. Well, leave it to the Japanese to come up with something unique and usable at the same time. Office supplying company King Jim has ingeniously created a bantam sized printer which is adorably called the Cocodori printer. The pint-sized contraption has the ability to directly print the snippets and other specific sections of a page on our computer screen.

In other words, you can now easily print your selected parts of a web page and document or even print a smaller section of a much bigger image. Cocodori printer makes all of these possible with its special software that is activated by the PrintScreen key on the PC keyboard. This built-in software helps in identifying and highlighting the particular section of the page you would want to print. And interestingly, the small printed papers come with a light adhesive on their rear-side, thus making it simple to stick them to your notes or scrapbook.

The Cocodori printer is currently compatible with all the current iterations of Windows operating system (including Windows 8, 7 and XP), and will come with its AC adapter and USB cable. As for cost, the diminutive printer will retail for a price of 14,700 yen (around $143).

Cocodori printer


Dattatreya Mandal

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