Eco3Spray transforms regular water into germ-neutralizing ozone

Eco3Spray cleaner

Most large-scale catering facilities utilize the chemical element of chlorine for sanitizing purposes. But there are certain disadvantages to the ambit of chlorine usage, firstly because of their relatively pungent odor, and secondly and more importantly, because of their propensity to leave residues in tanks and compartments. Well, the futuristic looking Eco3Spray counters this chlorine related predicament with its patented diamond electrolysis cell. This built-in mechanism allows the hand-held spray bottle to remarkably transform regular tap water (H2O) into ozone (O3). And, the dissolved ozone by virtue of its bleaching property is used to safely eliminate harmful micro-organisms such as E.coli, salmonella and other bacterial intrusions.

In simpler terms, the Eco3Spray cleaner completely eschews the need for any kind of chemical substance. It just requires regular water, which can be accessed more easily in terms of practicality. All that the user needs to do is fill up the spray bottle with water when they need to clean any surface. The contrivance automatically converts the water into ozone during the time of spraying, and the end result is touted to kill over 99 percent of known bacteria types.

So, in a nutshell, the FDA approved Eco3Spray cleaner showcases its own brand of eco-consciousness and improved usability with the requirement of just water as the cleaning agent. These factors are further complemented by the fact that the cleaning process is now much faster, easier and efficient.

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