Is Apple’s dual screen solar-powered MacBook on the cards?

Apple dual screen solar powered MacBook

Apple is planning on making a solar-powered Macbook that will have two-sided display and rear touch inputs. The patent for this new technology called Electronic device display module has been granted by US Patent and Trademark Office. The two-sided glass laptop will have a front screen and one more screen on the rear that will have photovoltaic cells for solar charging. Since the MacBook will have two-sided display the Apple logo will be screened out of the patterned ink layer and will be illuminated via LED lighting. Interestingly the rear panel could be made from an electro chromatic glass that can become a translucent or transparent display on will. For the touchscreen the MacBook could have a capacitive, optical or acoustic technology.

Apple dual screen solar powered MacBook

The rear panel could have a rear sensor array that will manage pass codes, media controls and software’s. While the rear panel could be activated by touching certain specific area on the screen to unlock the magnetic latch mechanism to reveal the hidden display. To use solar-energy a photovoltaic system will be incorporated between the front-facing panel and rear panel so that energy could be converted in electrical energy for use.

Although at this point in time it is not clear when this technology will be incorporated into their MacBook but the patent does point into the right direction.

Apple dual screen solar powered MacBook

Via: AppleInsider



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