Bhargav Gajjar contrives drones with perching legs for improved spying

Drone with perching legs

Military drones generally tend to be stealthy in their design, but at the same time they are also meant to be bad-ass in their features. Well, Bhargav Gajjar of Massachusetts based Vishwa Robotics, does envision a military drone that conforms to the later consideration in quite an innovative manner. As a result, he specializes in creating add-ons like legs for bantam US air force drones. These ‘legs’ are normally utilized as advanced landing gear by the tiny machines, which is in stark contrast to the prevalent crude practice of crash landing or hard landing of drones. However beyond just practicality, there is an elegant side to this ingenious scope. The precision landing mechanism mimics the posture of a perching predatory bird, thus bringing that bad-ass essence into the mix.

For his commercial project, Gajjar had to study a number of different bird species and then record their landing with the help of a high-speed camera. Finally, he settled on the landing ambit exhibited by American kestrel, a smaller variant of falcon. Similar to kestrel’s natural scope, the drone’s perching legs can also perform the action of waddling, which comes in handy during indoor missions.

But the greatest advantage of a drone equipped with Gajjar’s invention is its enhanced gripping action derived out of an electric motor. Additionally, the grip is much stronger because of the sharpness exhibited by the perched legs. This also allows the drone to be more stealthy, as now the robot can easily choose a perfect vantage point for effective snooping sessions.

Via: NewScientist


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